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ISBN: 9780674023659
Autor: Michael J. Sandel
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ISBN: 9780674430006
Oprawa: twarda
Autor: Thomas Piketty
Wydawnictwo: Chicago University Press
Ilość stron: 640
Rok wydania: 2014
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ISBN: 9780674286146
Autor: Ogle, Vanessa
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ISBN: 9780674627512

These Notes Are About The Process Of Design: The Process Of Inventing Things Which Display New Physical Order, Organization, Form, In Response To Function. This Book, Opening With These Words,...

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ISBN: 9780674088511

In 1462 Pope Pius II performed the only reverse canonization in history, damning a living man to an afterlife of torment. What had Sigismondo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini and a patron of the arts,...

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ISBN: 9780674808614
Autor: Trilling, Lionel
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ISBN: 9780674057746

American public schools censor controversial student speech that the Constitution protects. Catherine Ross brings clarity to court rulings that define speech rights of young citizens and proposes...

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ISBN: 9780674504790

As Stefan Ihrig shows in this first comprehensive study, many Germans sympathized with the Ottomans' longstanding repression of the Armenians and with the Turks' program of extermination...

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ISBN: 9780674983809

The Qing Empire in the early nineteenth century faced bureaucratic corruption, food shortages, infrastructure decay, domestic rebellion, adverse balances of trade, and a previously inconceivable...

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ISBN: 9780674286078

The white power movement has declared war against the United States and has carried out with military precision an escalating campaign of terror against the American public. Kathleen Belew gives...

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ISBN: 9780674976825

From India to Turkey, from Poland to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. Two core components of liberal democracy individual rights and the popular will are at war,...

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ISBN: 9780674983885

Michael A. Fuller's innovative textbook for learning classical Chinese poetry moves beyond the traditional anthology of poems translated into English and instead brings readers including those...

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ISBN: 9780674017726
Autor: Rawls, John
Wydawnictwo: Harvard University Press
Ilość stron: 624
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ISBN: 9780674123502

This volume meets the demand for a small dictionary which is at the same time comprehensive enough for the needs of the ordinary student. It contains 7,773 Chinese characters and 104,000 compounds...

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ISBN: 9780674576100
Autor: Mcdowell, John
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ISBN: 9780674736924

Extraordinary rendition-abducting criminal suspects around the world-has been criticized as an unprecedented expansion of U.S. Policing. But America's pursuit of fugitives beyond its borders...

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ISBN: 9780674943049

In "Voices of the Mind," James Wertsch outlines an approach to mental functioning that stresses its inherent cultural, historical, and institutional context. A critical aspect of this...

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ISBN: 9780674088634
Autor: Razoux, Pierre
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ISBN: 9780674967656

The Arab Muslim Ibn Khaldun developed a method of evaluating historical evidence that allowed him to explain the underlying causes of events such as the cyclical rise and fall of North African...

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ISBN: 9780674504912

Brett Christophers shows how laws help capitalism maintain a crucial balance between competition and monopoly. When monopolistic forces dominate, antitrust law discourages the growth of...

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ISBN: 9780674286085

Ira Berlin offers a framework for understanding slavery s demise in the United States. Emancipation was not an occasion but a century-long process of brutal struggle by generations of African...

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ISBN: 9780674050914

At the Berlin Auto Show in 1938, Adolf Hitler presented the prototype for a small, oddly shaped, inexpensive family car that all good Aryans could enjoy. Decades later, that automobile--the...

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ISBN: 9780674066359

This is the fifth volume of a projected six-volume Vulgate Bible. Compiled and translated in large part żeby Saint Jerome at the turn of the fifth century ce, the Vulgate Bible permeated the...

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ISBN: 9780674996830

This is the tenth volume in the Loeb Classical Library's ongoing edition of Hippocrates' invaluable texts, which provide essential information about the practice of medicine in antiquity...