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ISBN: 9780142419403
Autor: Perkins Stephanie
Wydawnictwo: SPEAK
Ilość stron: 400
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ISBN: 9781935589679
Autor: Project Management Institute
Wydawnictwo: Project Management Institute
Ilość stron: 589
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ISBN: 9780545259033

When their house explodes and they are sent to live with Grandma X, twins Jaide and Jack Shield learn that they are Wardens just coming into their powers, who must protect humanity from the evil...

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ISBN: 9780786836543

In diesem Band der Fantasy-Abenteuer-Trilogie dient sich der junge Zauberlehrling Nathaniel gerade hoch in der Verwaltung, als eine Krise eintritt: Ein unheimlicher, unverwundbarer Golem attackiert...

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ISBN: 9780439023528

In the best-selling first volume of the trilogy set in the cruel world of Panem, the annual Hunger Games pit young children against one another in a battle to the death on national television, so...

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ISBN: 9780399163739

Keri Smith's wildly popular interactive journals - Wreck This Journal, This Is Not a Book, and Mess - are now available in one boxed set.§Smith invites you to reimagine what a book can be (a...

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ISBN: 9780451410818

§At the Man with a Load of Mischief, they found the dead body stuck in a keg of beer. At the Jack and Hammer, another body was stuck out on the beam of the pub's sign, replacing the mechanical...

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ISBN: 9780451463470

Long ago, Susan Rodriguez was Harry Dresden's lover-until she was attacked and left struggling with the bloodlust of the vampiric Red Court. Now, she needs Harry's help. Harry's enemies...

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ISBN: 9780061724947
Autor: Huxley Aldous
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ISBN: 9780061964282

Get swept away with 10 little rubber ducks! Chuckedy-chuckedy-chuck goes the rubber duck machine. Out pop little yellow rubber ducks one after the other! A brand-new batch of rubber ducks is loaded...

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ISBN: 9780451219367

Even within the vampire brotherhood, Zsadist is feared. Still bearing the scars from a tortured past, he is renowned for his unquenchable fury. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only...

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ISBN: 9780316085304

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III must rescue his best friend, Fishlegs, from the deadly disease Vorpentitis. The only cure is rare and almost impossible to find--a potato. But where will Hiccup find...

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ISBN: 9780062073181

The wayward son of Israeli intelligence, Allon is plunged into a high stakes game of murder, espionage and corruption after a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, which...

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ISBN: 9780451218049

§Within the brotherhood, Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetites. He's the best fighter, the quickest to act on his impulses, and the most voracious lover - for inside him burns a...

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ISBN: 9780446676953
Autor: John Rolfe Peter Troob
Wydawnictwo: Warner Books Inc.
Ilość stron: 288
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ISBN: 9780765365279

Brandon Sanderson, widely acclaimed for his work completing Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time saga", begins a grand cycle of his own, with The Way of Kings, Book One of the Stormlight...

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ISBN: 9780061583223

The night is not safe for mortals. Denise MacGregor knows all too well what lurks in the shadows - her best friend is half-vampire Cat Crawfield - and she has already lost more than the average...

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ISBN: 9781593594923
Ilość stron: 160
Rok wydania: 2008
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ISBN: 9780441014910
Autor: Charlaine Harris
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ISBN: 9780345376596

The long-awaited sequel to Pulitzer Prize-winner Carl Sagan's classic work Cosmos--the bestselling science book ever published in the English language. A compelling, erudite, and thoroughly...

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ISBN: 9780064440349

Celebrated author and illustrator Arnold Lobel welcomes you to Owl's cozy home in this Level 2 I Can Read book. Parents and beginning readers who enjoy Lobel's Frog and Toad series will...

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ISBN: 9780425226735

The Psy/Changeling series is "PARANORMAL ROMANCE AT ITS BEST" §When a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped, DarkRiver sentinel Mercy, a cat, and SnowDancer lieutenant Riley, a wolf,...

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ISBN: 9783905829556

This publication is dedicated to pioneering curators and presents a unique collection of interviews aby Hans Ulrich Obrist: Anne d'Harnoncourt, Werner Hofman, Jean Leering, Franz Meyer, Seth...

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ISBN: 9780451221957

Vor 20 Jahren verschwanden vier junge Menschen während eines Sommercamps spurlos - Pauls Schwester war eine von ihnen. Heute ist Paul Staatsanwalt - und als eine Leiche auftaucht, die einer der...